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As students across the UK look to decide on their future education and training, one question is frequently overlooked – how should they learn?

No two students learn in the same way and a student’s unique learning style can make all the difference to their success. Pick the wrong study method and they may face a tough journey, even if they are well suited to the subject.

To help students answer this question Kaplan, one of the UK’s largest accountancy and tax training providers,  has created a simple study method quiz to help those looking to further their training find exactly the right study method to ensure they thrive.

By answering just 7 questions about their study preferences, students can get an insight into their personal learning style and which learning method best matches this.

For example, if structure and support are key considerations, traditional classroom learning may be best. However, if flexibility and independence are more important, then Distance Learning could be the better option.

The quiz is free to access here.

About Kaplan: Kaplan is a leading international provider of training and education services operating in more than 30 countries and working with over 2,600 corporations and businesses.

In the UK, Kaplan provides training for professional qualifications and business programmes. Kaplan trains more than 45,000 business and government professionals and international students annually for investment qualifications (including CFA®), professional accountancy and tax exams, and develops bespoke programmes for corporate and government offices.

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