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Edexcel launches ‘onscreen’ Functional Skills tests

Edexcel’s “onscreen” Functional Skills tests are now open for registration, including free tests for the June 1 to June 12 testing window.

The awarding body is the largest of its kind to offer the new qualifications, which are part of the Government’s reform agenda for the 14-19 curriculum to create a better skilled workforce. The move is expected to receive strong demand from adult learners keen to increase their employability.

In a statement, Kath Thomas, Edexcel’s head of research and design, said:

“We are offering English Reading as well as Functional Mathematics onscreen (which is exclusive to Edexcel), over a flexible two-week testing window. This will allow eligible candidates to test at a time that suits them, and in a modern, secure and interactive setting.”

Edexcel, which offers a broad range of qualifications, from Apprenticeship to GCSE, is aiming its onscreen pilot for both Functional Maths and Functional English qualifications at adult learners aged over 19, or learners aged 14-19 who are in part-time education.

“We believe that the onscreen model will be in high demand as it is considered an effective way of helping learners demonstrate their skills and progress with college or workplace applications,” added Ms Thomas.

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