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EDHEC wins top prize at Case Centre Awards 2021

EDHEC Business School

@EDHEC_BSchool has been singled out for a prize in @TheCaseCentre Awards 2021. 

The “Dollar Shave Club, disrupting the shaving industry” case study, co-written by Karin Kollenz-Quétard, Professor of Strategy at EDHEC, was designated the Overall Winner and obtained the highest award among entries from more-than 500 competing schools and universities.

This annual competition, created by the Case Centre in 1991, distinguishes the most outstanding case studies in the academic and educational spheres. It rewards the practical case study most widely-used by educational organisations around the world in the year under consideration.

The prize illustrates EDHEC’s aim of anchoring its teaching in the realities of a business world undergoing extensive transformation.
Studying innovative start-ups like Dollar Shave Club not only raises students’ awareness of the crucial role played by innovation in the economy, but also lets them discover the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, another of the School’s fundamental missions.

“The Dollar Shave Club case decrypts the keys to the success of a start-up founded on digital and customised customer experience. The practical case deciphers the direct-to-consumer approach that is so hard for traditional companies to reproduce, notably those operating in the mass consumer-product industry like Procter & Gamble with its Gillette brand. By studying the most appropriate way to react for Gillette, students discover and understand the different strategic responses to disruptive business models like Dollar Shave Club’s”, asserts Karin Kollenz-Quétard.

The link between theoretical concepts and practical approaches has been a major focus of EDHEC’s teaching for many years. Through the study of innovative business models and disruptive strategies, EDHEC enables its future graduates to better understand ongoing transformations and thus prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow’s world, whether economic, social or climate, or health-related.

The excellence and originality of this learning model has been hailed by the educational community and businesses alike for many years. In 2020 and for the fourth consecutive year, EDHEC won the prize for the Best Marketing Case awarded by AFM-CCMP.

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