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Ensuring quality for university students

Looking at university admissions ahead of A level results day, as well as news stories on Prevent.

University Admissions

On Thursday 15 August, this year’s A Level results will be released. 

At the start of the month, new powers were announced for the universities regulating body the Office for Students. The newly appointed Universities Minister Jo Johnson took this chance to outline his ambition for all students to receive a high-quality education and receive value for money at university.

We also recently released new data on graduate outcomes which shows the value a university education in forming a successful and financially rewarding career.


Yesterday, Sunday 11 August, the Mail on Sunday published an article on the Prevent programme which said that more than half of the pupils on the de-radicalisation programme are ‘far-right extremists’.

The figures referenced in the article were released 8 months ago and are publicly available statistical releases.

A Government spokesperson said:

The Prevent programme is fundamentally about protecting people, including children and young people, who are vulnerable to all forms of radicalisation and has stopped hundreds of individuals being drawn towards terrorism and violence.

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