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ESFA weekly round-up – Issue 365

ESFA weekly round-up - Issue 365

Education & Skills Funding Agency’s weekly round-up of business-critical information to ESFA-funded colleges, other training organisations and direct grant employers. (2 Aug 2017)

1. Apprenticeship funding for levy-contracted apprentices: ensure your ILR matches information agreed with employers in the apprenticeship service

To receive funding the individualised learner record (ILR) you submit must match the information you have agreed with employers in the service.

To help you identify any records that do not match, ESFA provide you with an apprenticeship data match report. You should use this to identify any ILR or apprenticeship service records you need to amend.

Any changes to the agreement recorded in the apprenticeship service need to be agreed by you and the employer.

For payments due in August, changes in both systems need to be completed, and where appropriate an updated ILR submitted by 6pm on Friday 4 August.

For more information on data matching, see the apprenticeship technical funding guide for starts from 1 May 2017.

2. Latest batch of apprenticeship withdrawals

Earlier this year ESFA asked for feedback on a fourth batch of proposed framework withdrawals.

ESFA recognise that we are in a period of considerable change for the sector, so to maximise stability they have now postponed the announcement of the fourth wave of frameworks to be withdrawn until the autumn. Once finalised, we will publish them on GOV.UK.

They will delay the original withdrawal dates from April 2018 to a later date, which will account for the postponement of the announcement, and will ensure they give a sufficient notice period to the sector.

3. Apprenticeship technical funding guide (from 1 May 2017)

ESFA have published version 3 of the technical guide to the apprenticeship funding system from 1 May 2017.

This explains how funding will work for apprenticeship frameworks and standards starting on or after this date, including how they will calculate provider payments.

Version 3 includes further information about how they prioritise apprentices to be funded from an employer’s account, data matching and a new section about the actions needed at end of the funding year.

For further information, please contact the service desk.

4. Customer engagement research

Thank you to all those who have participated in the ESFA customer engagement research. Your input has been very valuable.

There is one final opportunity for anyone hasn’t been able to participate in a focus group or interview to share your thoughts with the ESFA. They have a short survey with 6 questions about customer engagement. This won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time to complete.

The survey will close on Tuesday, 8 August.

5. HSBC extend student account to higher and degree apprentices

HSBC has become the first UK bank to open its student account to higher level apprentices ahead of the new academic year. As well as undergraduates heading to university this autumn, young people enrolling on higher apprenticeships will also be able to apply for HSBC’s student bank account.

The opportunities open to apprentices are growing – from the sectors they can work in, to the job roles available – and added benefits, like access to student accounts, is making the apprenticeship offer even more appealing to potential apprentices.

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