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ETF publishes report on current practice in using a system of phonics with Post-16 learners

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has today (3 Jul) published a Department for Education (DfE) funded report, Current Practice in Using a System of Phonics with Post-16 Learners, which explores the usage of phonics teaching with adult learners.

ETF commissioned University College London (UCL) in February 2018 to research and review the extent to which phonics approaches are currently used with Entry level learners across the sector; and to identify how adult literacy tutors might be supported to use phonics approaches effectively.

In turn, the research has reviewed the existing evidence base on the efficacy of using phonics approaches with adult learners, and explored the context in which adult literacy teaching at Entry levels takes place.

The findings are brought together that:

  • Make recommendations for a systematic approach to using phonics with adults
  • Set out why guidance and support is needed to successfully embed systematic approaches to teaching phonics in different post-16 settings.

Gary Phillips, Director of Professional Development at the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) said: 

“As ever with the implementation of new teaching approaches, it’s important to make sure teachers and trainers have the expertise and support necessary to ensure their successful implementation.

“Moreover, the findings of this study show that workforce development is particularly crucial to the use of phonics in the teaching of reading and writing to adults in order that tutors can skilfully assess individual learners needs, select appropriate materials that gain learner confidence and use phonics effectively.”

Read and download the full report: Current practice in using a system of phonics with post-16 learners

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