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 #FirstIntoTheFuture – New approaches to entrepreneurial education

As the leading member of the EU4E consortium, ESCP Europe will submit its European University project at the next call for projects of the European Commission on European universities. The world’s oldest business school defends its European identity, history, and roots to offer an novel educational alternative dedicated to entrepreneurship.

The partners of the “European University for Entrepreneurs” (EU4E) Consortium, including ESCP Europe Paris Campus, ESCP Europe Berlin Campus, ISM University of Management and Economics (Lithuania), Kozminski University (Poland), Mondragon University (Spain), Portuguese Catholic University (Portugal), and Oulu University (Finland) completed the first phase of the project with the signature of an MoU between the partners. The ambition of the EU4E is to become the global benchmark on the theme of entrepreneurship education.

The originality of this proposition lies in:

  • Its focus on “Entrepreneurship”, a transdisciplinary subject using transverse approaches and designed to address the industrial and societal challenges in Europe;
  • North-South-East-West cooperation with an inclusive dimension, focusing more on complementarity than on elitism;
  • Complementary pedagogical and methodological approaches rooted in the ‘knowledge triangle’ – Education, Innovation and Research – , and drawing on the specific and complementary expertise of the partners.

As ESCP Europe is celebrating its bicentenary in 2019, the oldest Business Schools pays tribute to one of its founders, the famous liberal economist Jean-Baptiste Say, who coined the concept of “entrepreneur”.

ESCP Europe Dean, Professor Frank Bournois, confirms

“ESCP Europe is the cradle of entrepreneurship and innovation. As the first business school of the world, the first pan-European school, it is committed to promoting a dynamic European Economic Area, by offering, with complementary partners, the first European university dedicated to entrepreneurship. This sector is strategic for the place of Europe in a world shaped by innovation and disruption. ”

Professor Witold T. Bielecki, rector of Kozminski University adds

“Our contribution to the EU4E project is the unique entrepreneurial spirit of the Polish economy that helped us to catch up with other European countries after the EU accession in 2004. Since its foundation in 1993, Kozminski University has been a key player in growing the Polish economy, helping businesses by supplying them with skilled, innovative and ethical managers”.

Oulu Business School (OBS) Dean, Professor Mikko Puhakka, sees that

“entrepreneurship is indeed a crucial factor to be developed ‘glocally’, i.e. combining local and European offerings. OBS is fully committed to contributing to the joint development of such glocal contents and expects all partners to achieve considerable positive network effects of this collaboration.”

Professor Isabel Gil, Rector of Universidade Catolica highlights that 

“As a leading European University, Catolica University’s participation in the EU4E Project is aligned with Catolica’s mission of creating an international lifelong learning environment. Portugal is committed to leading the startup economy as a key player in entrepreneurship. Catolica looks forward to expanding its global footprint with EU4E, bringing on expertise and resources to an innovative and unique project.”

“ISM University of Management and Economics is working together with the universities around the globe to ensure the quality of our studies and to provide space for our students to broaden their perception of the world and to develop their critical thinking skills. One of our main focuses is international mobility of our students as we strive to provide them with the best study experience in Lithuania and abroad. Therefore, the membership in the international university network is crucially important to us. The step that we took today has provided the strong basis for creating the European Network of Universities that share values, vision and strategies and that will be able to support and assist each other in the future”, – says President of ISM University of Management and Economics Dr Dalius Misiunas.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaplan, ESCP Europe Berlin Rector, explains

“Berlin is an Eldorado for the entrepreneurial and creative scene. With hundreds of new tech start-ups launched per year, this is particularly the case in the digital sphere. Digitalization strongly changes future job market needs. To be prepared, students must be highly adaptable. An entrepreneurial spirit and thrive for innovation are of essence. ESCP Europe Berlin is keen to add its expertise in this domain to the EU4E consortium.”

Lander Beloki, Dean of the Business Faculty of Mondragon University confirms

” This call is an opportunity to create a consortium and continue working on new approaches to entrepreneurial education.”

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