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Farnham College welcomes Italian students for a very British experience

Life at Farnham College has taken a distinctly continental flavour since the start of the new term in September this year (@Activate_Learn). 

Twenty-three students from Collegio Arcivescovile (LIA), an Italian college in Roverto in the Trentino region of north Italy, are currently studying at Activate Learning’s Farnham campus.  

Collegio Arcivescovile (LIA) is a language school catering for approximately 150 students, the fourth year of their studies gives them the opportunity to study for a British qualification in England.  

The Italian Link programme has been running since 2009 and has so far welcomed 250 Italian students to local educational settings. This is the first year that Farnham College have had the opportunity to welcome international students to take part in their curriculum and so far, the programme has been a resounding success! 

James Jagger, Deputy Head of Farnham College, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to welcome this cohort of Italian students to the college this year.  

“Their positive outlook and attitude towards study has lifted our own ‘home grown’ students’ learning and has brought something so positive to our campus after such a challenging year. I can’t praise them enough.  

“We have potential plans to broaden the programme in the future and extend this opportunity to welcome students from other countries to experience an academic year with us, with the idea that cultural immersion can work both ways in a positive sense. I am very pleased with how things are progressing so far.” 

The students are all studying for a variety of AS Levels, alongside their own curriculum and are living with local host families for the duration of their stay, as part of their thorough immersion into British culture and family life. Weekend excursions to landmark locations such as London and Winchester further increase the group’s cultural experience of life in Britain.  

Italian student Thomas Fedeli, said:

“The English and Italian school systems are very different under many points of view; the thing I like the most about the courses I’m taking, which are English Literature, Biology and Law, is that the teachers are so incredibly passionate about what they teach.  

“This really translates in their teaching methods and influences us to be in love with what we learn.” 

Student, Alice Frisinghelli, said:

“The cosy, friendly and welcoming atmosphere you first encounter when arriving helps you feel comfortable and soon as you find out how available the teachers are and how relaxed the environment is, you will never want to leave.”  

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