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FE News become media partner for Promote-Ed

FE News become media partner for Promote-Ed

Promote-Ed is delighted to announce that FE News have joined us as our media partner.

Gavin O’Meara – CEO and Founder of FE News said:

Since 2003, FE News have been on a mission to help build the FE sector up, to encourage the sector to come together and to encourage positive change and growth. As an independent and impartial channel for the sector, FE News are pleased to offer our support as media partner to the Promote-Ed forum.

We see our role as providing a positive voice to the Promote-Ed members. Our view is that if a group of the Promote-Ed forum members require clarification on policy or operational delivery, then this is probably a good reflection that the rest of the sector would also appreciate more clarification or advise as well. If we can help shine a positive light on challenges experienced by the sector and ask the rest of the sector to come together to help, then fantastic.

As a sector, we are experiencing the most exciting period of reform for several generations particularly in Apprenticeships and T Levels. With this rapid rate of change there is also potential for confusion to adapt to these changes. We have seen too many incidents of providers in particular feeling isolated, finding it hard to ask or find appropriate advice in responding to the recent reforms across apprenticeships and skills.

There is already a more established support network for colleges in place, such as the FE Commissioner support infrastructure, which is fantastic. Providers, as yet, do not have a FE Commissioner support network equivalent.

FE News feel that if the sector can easily come together to ask for help or advice, who wouldn’t want to support this? We feel an article to shine a positive light on challenges met by the sector is a great first step to try and encourage the sector to support itself, and to try and limit future damaging situations.

Sarah Marples, founder of Promote-Ed said:

I have been overwhelmed with the response we have received since the launch last week. When Gavin made contact it took no hesitation in agreeing that FE News would become our media partner, using their market leading presence in the sector.

It can only enhance our service offer and I am really looking forward to working with Gavin and his team.

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