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Finding Out The Exact Methods To Manage Diabetes…


The researchers all over the world are busy trying to find out the exact methods to manage diabetes. For, diabetes has assumed the settled form of a dreaded disease, not sparing children, pregnant women, adults and the old. The aged persons are the worst sufferers because it destroys the strength in their body at a rapid pace.


Scientists believe that environmental factors cause the immune system to destroy the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. When the insulin-producing cells are permanently destroyed, the only alternative for you is to provide insulin to the body through external resources such as injections! So, far no other remedy has been found!


There are two types of diabetes. Type I and Type II.


The former is incurable, and it will remain as your life-long partner- the most unreliable partner for that matter! Because many dreaded diseases are its likely companions. These dreaded companions will never shudder to attack you, should you be a bit less alert in taking care of your diabetes.


Type II is curable, it is reported that 9 out of 10 cases are successfully treated. There are certain preconditions however! You must have control over your diet and indulge in regular exercising. Consumption of alcohol as well as smoking is thoroughly prohibited. Body Weight Check is your watchword!


For type I, take 2 to 5 injections per day. Insulin has a dual function to play. It regulates both the blood sugar and the speed at which sugar moves into cells. But insulin is not to be treated as replacement for proper diet. The diet and exercise are the foundation stones for controlling diabetes. Insulin will have the favorable impact only after you take the necessary precautions.


With course of treatment of type I Diabetes, no chance can be taken. It is always to be considered as a dreaded disease and should be treated and respected as such. Some of the symptoms of your laxity of treating type I diabetes are continuous need to urinate, excessive thirst, weakness, coupled with tiredness, urinary tract infections, blurred vision and numbness in the feet.

If Type I diabetes is not treated and looked after properly, it is not a life and death situation, it is life or death, and chances for the later are more!

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