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Fine Art Project Highlights Equines

A Level student, Emily Richards has been highlighting the sadness of equine neglect in her latest fine art project.

During the project, part of her AS studies, she explored the theme of horse neglect, summarising the topic into a visual piece to raise awareness of the issue. Emily’s piece has now been published nationally in the latest Your Horse magazine who came across her sculpture online.

The 3D structural piece was made from a wire frame to illustrate what can happen when a horse is neglected. Emily has now started to explore additional themes in animal welfare in her work including factory farming and fox hunting.

Speaking about her project, Emily said: “I created the project to show how a horse’s condition deteriorates when they are neglected. The dark wire frame gives it a skeletal feel, but I used fairy lights to symbolise that the horse’s spirit is still there even when faced with adversity. I feel that equines are a topical issue recently and wanted to raise awareness of the subject.”

Emily is passionate about animal welfare and plans to study Veterinary Nursing at university perusing her childhood dream to be a Registered Veterinary Nurse.

She added: “I would also love to have a small scale animal portrait business to fulfil my enjoyment of Art.”

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