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Isaac Langran, an A Level student at NPTC Group of Colleges, has gained a top scholarship from Aberystwyth University.

As part of the scholarship application, Isaac had to sit two exams in two of his chosen disciplines. He achieved exceptional results in the set exams, coming within the top ten scoring 96% in Politics and 83% in International Politics.

Isaac is currently in his second year studying A2 Economics, History and Sociology. He is looking forward to starting his studies on the Bachelor of Arts Politics course in September, commenting:

“I was inspired by the 2015 election to learn more about the political landscape in the UK. I started to attend conferences in the area and read more about political affairs in the media and through past events. My array of A Level subjects has given me a foundation to further develop my understanding of politics in different aspects. I am looking forward to studying at Aberystwyth University where I can learn more about the political issues that shape our society.”

Head of the Sixth Form Academy, Tessa Jennings, said of Isaac’s achievement: “The School was delighted to hear that Isaac had been awarded a scholarship at Aberystwyth. We really encourage our students to take all the opportunities that come their way and this is one that I am sure he will relish every minute of, we look forward to hearing about his future journey into politics!”

After University, Isaac hopes join a Think Tank organisation to contribute ideas on public policy and government research.

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