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Hope for Women in Tech: A Level #Resultsday2018

Sigma’s managing director Hilary Stephenson

In light of this morning’s A level results, males might have gained better results overall, but women studying computing have outperformed men in this typically male-dominated subject. Overall 20.1% of girls achieved an A* or A in computing, compared with 17.9% of boys. This is particularly promising given the ongoing gender skills gap and the lack of women working in tech.

Sigma’s managing director Hilary Stephenson comments on these positive results:

“With the gender skills gap still an ongoing issue within the tech industry, it is really encouraging to see that female students have outshone males in this year’s A Level computing results. However, we are a long way off fully resolving this issue. More needs to be done to encourage women to pursue a career in tech, starting with breaking down the stereotype that tech is a ‘man’s world’. 

“This must start from an early age, with children taught about the benefits of technology-related vocations in the classroom. Providing children with inspirational female tech figureheads is also key to increasing their interest in this industry. In doing so, it is far more likely the next generation of tech talent will be more gender balanced.”

Sigma designs, develops and supports information-rich web sites, intranets, mobile solutions and applications. By putting users at the heart of its solutions, Sigma helps to add genuine business value and bring people together. It is very invested in encouraging more people, especially women, to get involved in tech, which is why it is so pleased with this latest news.

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