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Celebrating successes of young people at Cambridge Regional College #GCSEResultsDay2019

Michelle Dowse, Deputy Principal of Cambridge Regional College, said:

“It’s been great to celebrate the successes of so many young people at Cambridge Regional College today as they get their GCSE results.

“Every year though, some young people don’t get the results they were hoping for. Some who secured the grades they expected, are still unclear about what they want to do next.

“The great thing is the choice. Young people in our region have so many options to help them secure their great career. Collecting GCSE results is just one step in the journey.

“As an example, there are vocational qualifications, which combine academic study with practical experience. In fact, in the UK at Level 3, there are now more students studying vocational qualifications than A levels.  Many of these students progress to University.

“There are also apprenticeships for those who want to get straight into a work-based learning environment.  Many employers in our region offer great opportunities so that students can learn and earn, whilst undertaking a real job.”

Cambridge Regional College is operating an Advice Café for students interested in studying vocational courses or looking for an apprenticeship opportunity.


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