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Genius Group is launching their EdTech platform GeniusU in Vietnamese

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Genius Group has signed a partnership agreement with SuperX Academy to translate their entire EdTech platform GeniusU into Vietnamese. 

Asia, and in particular Vietnam, is seeing huge growth in the EdTech sector. According to a report compiled by Ken Research, Vietnam’s e-learning market is expected to reach revenues of around 3 billion USD by 2023.

Co-founder of SuperX Academy, An Nguyen, is a successful serial entrepreneur with a multi-million-dollar business in the USA. He found success by partnering with top organizations and brands in the personal development, entrepreneurship and health sectors and promoted them to the Vietnamese community in the US and Vietnam.

Nguyen first collaborated with Genius Group in 2021 as a Translation Partner for a selection of Entrepreneur’s Institute programs offered via GeniusU, enabling his own Vietnamese community members to follow the online courses in their own language. 

SuperX Academy will now be able to offer the complete GeniusU curriculum in Vietnamese.

Roger James Hamilton, CEO and Co-Founder of Genius Group comments:

“We are delighted to be working with Super X Academy as a top-tier partner and look forward to many more Vietnamese entrepreneurs gaining skills via our courses and events. Partners like An Nguyen are invaluable at expanding our reach to communities around the world which completely embodies Genius Group’s ethos to ensure everyone has accessible education and the skills to create a job.”

Nguyen commented:

I knew that my community would welcome and appreciate having the content and programs, offered by Entrepreneur’s Institute and GeniusU, translated into Vietnamese.  Moreover, I’m able to share with them Roger James Hamilton’s vision of the future of entrepreneurial education.  Thanks to my collaboration with Genius Group, over the past few years, I have grown as an entrepreneur and am now able to help my community develop their own businesses in a way that I never would have thought possible.”

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Image below: An Nguyen, Co-Founder of SuperX Academy.

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