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Google-backed Edtech – Cuemath – Makes Curriculum Free to Help Solve Three of the World’s Biggest Challenges

Manan Khurma, Founder and CEO of Cuemath

Award-winning curriculum made free to all, across the world, for a year

Cuemath, a global online math learning platform backed by Google, announces a radical strategic move to make much of its curriculum free to all users – for a full year – to help solve three of the world’s biggest challenges.

Manan Khurma, Founder and CEO of Cuemath, expressed: 

“The world finds itself facing a code red for children’s education. From the hundreds of billions of dollars required to help children catch up on lost learnings, to the mass unemployment of tomorrow if math skills are not taught, to the gaping inequality gaps that could cause economic and social breakdown – it is time to stand up and be counted. History will judge us if we do not do our bit. 

“I have spent ten years perfecting Cuemath’s curriculum. We are committing to giving free access to our industry-leading online content, to address three of the world’s most critical challenges. Our ambition is bold; we want to positively impact a billion children. Our teaching philosophy has always been making the world’s children great at math and coding – and creating invincible problem solvers. We believe this new initiative will help today’s children solve tomorrow’s problems.”

Cuemath believes three challenges loom large in education, with potential catastrophic knock-on effects to society globally. These are:

  • The inequality caused by a lack of education
  • Education is the most powerful tool to fight inequality
  • The World Bank reports that over 50% of children in lower & middle income countries do not have foundational math skills by 10 years old. This rises to 90% in low-income nations
  • Reducing the huge costs of future unemployment and lost earnings – lessening the chance of societal breakdown
  • The World Bank projects a $10 trillion cost in lost future earnings for children due to the pandemic
  • 21st century jobs will increasingly have math at their core. The World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of Jobs’ Report notes that the top 10 jobs all require a deep affinity with algorithms and math logic
  • Countries who don’t educate students in math will inevitably suffer very high unemployment, easily leading to societal breakdown
  • Saving impoverished governments hundreds of billions of dollars
  • Governments, globally, are spending exorbitant amounts to catch up in education, when budgets are already stretched by the pandemic
  • Reducing learning loss will directly reduce the billions governments have to spend

With immediate effect, Cuemath will make two of its three curriculum levels (Basic and Premium) effectively free, across the world. For every Basic level user who joins Cuemath for free, and invites two new users to also join the Basic level for free – that original user will qualify for Premium access.

This will make 100,000 visuals, simulations and problems – free to access.

Chengpeng Mou, Investor at CapitalG and a Board Member of Cuemath, said:

“CapitalG has been proud to back Cuemath, a leading provider of online math and coding enrichment programs, since our initial investment in 2016. We believe that this initiative to open source much of their world-class curriculum for a year will benefit students around the world at a time of acute need, and is highly aligned with Cuemath’s core mission to change the world.”

Created by experts from Cambridge University and the Indian Institute of Technology, Cuemath’s comprehensive math curriculum covers grades K-10, is certified by and is one of only 30 EdTech companies in the world to secure a partnership with Google for Education. It is also aligned with 50+ global curricula including Common Core, and Cambridge International Standards.

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