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GrantFairy joins the Fair Education Alliance to support widening participation

We are very proud to announce that GrantFairy has joined the Fair Education Alliance, working alongside some truly outstanding social enterprises, companies and universities, all of which are committed to driving action at a local and at a national level to help make education and life chances fair for young people.

We look forward to working closely with other Alliance members and supporters, in particular to help provide young people with access to scholarship information to help them pay their university tuition fees and reduce their student loans: for many young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, scholarships are a life-line which can help make progression to higher education a more realistic opportunity.

Our research shows that on average students are eligible to apply for over £85,000 in scholarship funding opportunities… it’s free money and all they have to do is apply.

However, over £100 million goes unallocated every year because students are simply unaware that the money is available.

The GrantFairy Scholarship Platform is 100% FREE for high-schools and colleges.

GrantFairy matches students with the scholarship opportunities opportunities they’re eligible to apply for, based on thier personal circumstances: a Music student at Manchester is eligble to apply for different scholarships than a Psychology student at Sussex. And there are opportunities available for everyone to help pay their university tuition fees and reduce their student loans.

  • A full-ride scholarship for students eligible for free school meals
  • Scholarships for vegetarians
  • Scholarships if you play an instrument in a band or sing in the choir
  • Scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers
  • Scholarships for girls in STEM

GrantFairy also helps students choose their ideal university and degree course, providing detailed course information and NSS/LEO data (student satisfaction rates, graduate outcomes, projected salaries, etc.,) to help them make a more informed choice about where to go and what to study.

If you are a Sixth Form Head, a Careers Advisor, or even a concerned parent, worried about the prospect of your kids graduating with a £50,000 student loan debt, PLEASE CONTACT US and we will be happy to set up your school/college with a FREE account today.

Myles Jardine, Founder, GrantFairy Scholarship App

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