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Gruesome Showtime For North Kent College’s Miskin Actors

North Kent College’s Miskin actors and Miskin theatrical make-up students recently took part part in the Halloween version of ‘The Woman in Black’ show at The Orchard Theatre in Dartford. Make-Up students transformed Miskin actors into various characters from the show, they then walked around the auditorium, inside and outside of the theatre, to wow the audience with an immersive interactive experience before the main show commenced.

The Orchard Theatre has a great relationship with North Kent College’s Business Development Team they contacted them to ask if students would like to take part in the theatre’s brand-new immersive experience and they would be the very first to do this and an exclusive for their Halloween show! Auditions were held at the Miskin Theatre with only a handful required for the show but when the Orchard saw the sheer standard of the students they decided to take them all!

Kay Hadley, Senior Marketing Officer at The Orchard, commented, “We want to say a huge thank you to all North Kent College students for their help with our Halloween vision, they were all excellent in their characters and interacted with the audience around them fantastically. We look forward to working with them again one day with our future projects”.

Audience members were thrilled with the immersive experience saying “The immersive experience prior to the main play was so professional and well executed. The actors were so believable and entertaining and the costumes and characterisation were also wonderful. A real talented bunch of students who made our experience even better for Halloween”.

“The show was excellently acted and very well produced. A thoroughly entertaining evening put on by The Orchard Theatre and what a great idea to involve the local College too!”.

We are so glad that our Miskin students got to gain some work experience and also have some fun in the process. They all done an incredible job and we look forward to more opportunities like this for them in the future.  

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