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Deals for schools

Information on the national deals available to schools to help them save money on some of the things they buy regularly.


Deals for schools



New deals for schools are added regularly. Revisit this page to find newly-added deals.

You can also read guidance about buying for schools.

Published 6 July 2018
Last updated 11 April 2019 + show all updates

  1. Updated deal end date for ‘Building cleaning services’.
  2. Amended the end dates for 12 contracts, upated the link for ‘spend analysis and recovery services’ and added a new ‘teaching vacancies’ framework.
  3. Added ‘School Switch’ an online energy switching service to deals.
  4. Added 3 energy and utilities deals.
  5. Added new deals for books and materials, facilities management and estates, ICT, office supplies, recruitment and legal, leasing and professional services.
  6. Added new deal to ‘Facilities management and estates’. Added new link to ‘Books and materials’, and updated list of suppliers in ‘Printers, copiers and multi-functional devices’.
  7. Added academies to ‘Loans to fund energy saving schemes’. Updated links for deals offered by CPC.
  8. Added ‘Recruitment’ section in ‘Deals for schools’.
  9. Added 8 new deals and updated the links to 4 existing deals.
  10. First published.

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