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Hadlow College and West Kent College choose Intuition for their Student Services teams

In 2014 Hadlow College took over West Kent and Ashford College, a result of disseverment of K-College, to form the Hadlow Group.

Hadlow College has been graded as “Outstanding” by Ofsted for both Teaching and Care Provision.  The College places considerable emphasis on the safeguarding and well‑being of its learners throughout their time at the College in order to create a perfect and secure learning environment.

Shortly after the takeover it became obvious that the Group would need a centralised system for Student Services to support all their students, no matter which campus they belonged to.

John Cantrell, Student Support Manager at Hadlow College, contacted Active Informatics to discuss the possibility of purchasing Intuition for the College’s Student Service and support teams. He said they were interested in Intuition as it would allow them to improve analysis of their current actions.

They have decided to purchase Intuition for all sites as an online system that would support collaboration between the colleges’ student departments and ultimately benefit the students.

They have currently set up Intuition to suit their particular needs using most of the sections. At this moment, John is looking forward to being able to run reports around Easter to demonstrate the level of year engagement they have with students. This will help to shape their strategy for the 2016/2017 year.

About Intuition

Intuition, originally designed in conjunction with NAMSS, is helping colleges across the UK to support learners throughout their college journey.

Intuition enables the creation and management of an evidence base across student service departments that safeguards students and reduces time spent on support admin, management reporting, self-assessment reports and Ofsted inspection evidence and supporting data. Intuition covers all areas in Student Services including Careers, Discipline, Destinations, Enrichment, Finance (Bursaries), Personal Support (Safeguarding, Counselling, Well-Being),Transport and Work Experience.

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