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Havering College Driving Success

Claire Starkie always knew she wanted to go the extra mile to achieve her career goals in logistics but just didn’t know which way to turn. At aged 22 she decided it was time for a change and enrolled on a Transport Manager course at Havering College of Further and Higher Education.

The 12 week Transport Manager CPC Course, taught by Justin Rowley, a Curriculum Manager of Transport and Logistics was exactly what she needed to get ahead. It taught her all she needed to know about logistics and gave her the management skills to lead a team.

“The training I received at Havering was vital to my career progression. Without it, I would never have been anything more than a supervisor. I really enjoyed the course, it was taught by friendly relaxed lectures and covered everything I could ever want to know about Transport Management”

After finishing the course and returning back to Tesco, it wasn’t long until Claire was offered the role of Transport Manager of a very large Tesco regional distribution centre (RDC).

“I’m very proud to say I am one of only two females in the whole country to do this role. It’s a real hands on job at times and I love it. Being a Transport Manager isn’t just about managing distribution plans and budgets but about being a team player. Some days it’s all about getting involved and this means working in the warehouse with my team sorting deliveries. I wouldn’t have it any other way”

Claire’s story is a perfect example of why upskilling is important and how studying at Havering College can help to achieve career goals.

So if like Claire, you’d like to get your career on track visit Havering College visit and upskill too.

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