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Helping UK landlords prioritise student wellbeing: @Student Minds partners with, the world’s largest marketplace for student accommodation, has joined forces with Student Minds, the UK’s student mental health charity, to help student landlords prioritise mental health. To launch their partnership, and Student Minds will host the UK’s first free national training opportunity designed exclusively for student accommodation providers.

The training will be delivered as an online webinar, with an offline session hosted at’s London office. Ahead of the training session, and Student Minds will survey landlords to gain additional insights into the mental health-related challenges they currently face.

“Peace of mind for students has been priority number one for since our inception. Partnering with Student Minds allows us to take our commitment to student wellbeing one step further, by sharing knowledge and best practice within our network of accommodation providers,” commented Luke Nolan, founder and CEO, “With Student Minds’ expertise and’s wide-reaching landlord network, we are confident that our partnership will help empower even more accommodation providers to prioritise student mental health. We chose Student Minds as our official charity partner because of their strong expertise and experience in student mental health, and we’re proud to support their work with a donation from”

“Fundamental to a student’s experience at university is where they live and this can have a large impact on their mental health and wellbeing. It has been great to see a number of large student accommodation providers working to improve student mental health and using our ‘Student Living’ toolkit over the last few years, but we recognise the importance and reach of smaller landlords across the UK,” commented Rosie Tressler, CEO, Student Minds. “Together, we need to work on preventing difficulties and ensuring students can thrive during their time at university. This partnership with will allow us to take an important step towards this goal.” lists more than 150,000 beds across almost 700 properties in over 60 UK towns and cities, and will invite all of its accommodation provider partners to participate in the training opportunity. The training will build on findings and recommendations from Student Minds’ Student Living Report, created with the support of UPP Foundation, which provides guidance to university and accommodation sector staff on mental health issues.

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