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How businesses can engage more with apprenticeship schemes: a white paper from AAT

“A kid in a school, without preparation, becomes a kid in an office. Apprenticeships can literally change the lives of young people and give them work-ready skills.”

Pete Ward, Operations Manager, Leadership Through Sport & Business

On Thursday 12 October 2017, AAT invited a group of stakeholders, across a number of different industries, to a breakfast roundtable event to discuss how businesses of all sizes could improve engagement with apprenticeship schemes in order to help social mobility in the UK.

Chaired by DeeDee Doke, editor of Recruiter magazine, participants included representatives from organisations including 3aaa Apprenticeships, The Recruitment and Employment Confederation, and the Association of Taxation Technicians. 

Today, AAT is making five recommendations outlined at the event publicly available in a white paper. This includes calls for improvement of careers advice in schools, implementing completion targets for apprenticeship schemes rather than focusing on starts, and ensuring that work-ready skills are delivered across all schemes which are appropriate across all industries.

To access the white paper, please click on the How Businesses can engage more with apprenticeship schemes link.

 Adam Harper, AAT Director of Strategy and Professional Standards says:

“The recommendations made during this roundtable event are from organisations which work with apprentices, helping to train and recruit them and make them business-ready. The government should consider these suggestions as they look to improve the apprenticeship starts figures, and create the high-quality apprenticeships Britain needs to ensure we have the skills to move into what is an uncertain future.”

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