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How Grandir UK is Growing the Nursery Workforce Using Apprenticeships

Grandir UK, the home of multiple nursery brands across the United Kingdom, provides a range of apprenticeships for people wanting to embark on a career in the child development and education sector.  

Grandir UK doesn’t just champion their apprentices throughout National Apprenticeship Week though. In fact, their expert training provider, Realise, is due to announce their Apprentice of the Year Award this week, who is based at their Nottingham branch nursery.    

Offering a range of apprenticeships, Grandir UK offers Level 2 and 3 Early Years and Education apprenticeships, as well as Level 5 to existing employees who want to progress into leadership roles. 

What training does Grandir UK provide?

Apprenticeships at Grandir UK offer both academic and practical elements, such as gaining first-hand experience in nursery life and working alongside skilled practitioners who will support in developing knowledge and skills. 

Each week there will be allocated time off work to train and study for the apprenticeship. Study topics include; child development; safeguarding; and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 

The qualifications you need to start

If completing a Level 2 Early Years apprenticeship, it’s recommended that students have both English and Mathematics GCSEs at Level 4 (equivalent to grade C) or above. 

Depending on qualifications, it is possible to enter straight into a Level 3 apprenticeship. To undertake Level 5, apprenticeships will need to have qualified and passed Level 3.  

Where will the training be? 

As apprenticeships take a more practical approach to learning, the majority of time will be spent in the apprentices’ chosen nursery. Each week there will be a requirement to complete 6 hours of off-the-job training which Realise and nursery managers will organise. 

The support you will receive

Each apprenticeship is tailored to the needs of each individual to ensure they have the best experience possible.

During the time of the apprenticeships, there will be support and guidance from an appointed nursery mentor and fellow practitioners – many of whom will have undergone the same apprenticeship. 

You will have regular check-ins with your appointed trainer from Realise. Additionally, specialist support is available for those undertaking Functional Skills as part of their apprenticeships.  

How long will the apprenticeship last? 

Level 2 Early Years apprenticeships last 12 months with another 3 months required to complete the End Point Assessment (EPA). This is the final stage of the apprenticeship and is designed to assess skills and knowledge. 

Level 3 Early Years apprenticeships last 14 months with another 3 months required to complete the EPA. A Level 5 Early Years apprenticeship will last 18 months with 5 months required to complete the EPA.

There will be plenty of support toward the end of your apprenticeship to apply for a qualified role within your chosen nursery. 

Cathy Agozzino, Apprenticeship & Learner Co-ordinator at Grandir UK comments on the importance of apprenticeships: 

“Apprenticeships in early years provide a unique opportunity for individuals to learn essential skills, gain hands-on experience and develop a deep understanding of their chosen field. By combining practical training with academic learning, apprenticeships pave the way for a successful and rewarding career, while also providing valuable contributions to the workforce and society as a whole.”

“There are many benefits to choosing an apprenticeship, such as:

  1. Practical hands-on experience – apply theory to real-life situations
  2. Guidance and support – your mentor will be your personal guide throughout work 
  3. Earn while you learn – earning while you learn helps make the transition into the workplace in a smooth and financially stable way 
  4. Building relationships and contacts – forging relationships is an invaluable experience for your future self 
  5. Job offers – once qualified, you will be offered the support to apply for a full-time role.” 

Grandir UK will announce their Apprentice of the Year on the 9th of February 2024*. 

More information on Grandir UK’s apprenticeships can be found here.

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