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IMI steers MOT Testers to the ‘right knowledge’ to improve chances of passing first time


Intuitive questions in IMI (@The_IMI) MOT e-Learning modules help technicians prepare for Annual Assessment

Recognising the time pressures on MOT testers to complete their CPD and Annual Assessment before the deadline, the IMI has enhanced its e-Learning modules. As Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI explains, at the heart of the professional body’s approach is a question style that promotes effective use of the DVSA MOT Tester Manual, with the result that Testers stand a better chance of passing the Annual Assessment.

“There’s no question that MOT Testers face a real challenge when it comes to making the time to complete their mandatory 3 hours CPD before taking the Annual Assessment. We have, therefore, reviewed our e-Learning modules to steer Testers towards the right parts of the DVSA MOT Tester Manual, aligned to the Annual Assessment topics for 2021/22. The question sets are designed to be intuitive to the topics, with guidance also provided on how to navigate the Manual, giving Testers a better chance of passing first time when they take their Annual Assessment.”

The IMI also provides a Live Chat service to support Testers when they are completing their training and preparing for their Annual Assessment. This has received a 5.9 out of 7 feedback rating from IMI members. Plus there’s a range of self-help videos and graphics included in the e-Learning training modules. 

In addition, Testers with dyslexia who have already purchased the combined Training and Assessment package can ask the IMI eLearning team to request additional time from the DVSAi  to complete their Assessment.

“The hands-on approach we have taken to this year’s MOT Training and Assessment package reflects the fact that, quite rightly, the DVSA raised the pass rate required for MOT Testers in 2020”, added Steve Nash. “MOT business is a critical revenue stream for many garages – as well as being a door-opener for other work – therefore we want to make it as easy as possible for Testers to complete their CPD and be well prepared for the Annual Assessment.”

The IMI MOT 3 hour training module can be completed in bite-size chunks, using a PC, laptop and even a smartphone and Testers can retake the assessment if they’re not happy with their score on the first attempt. Any Tester completing the Assessment can opt in to receiving free IMI membership for a year. There’s also a chance for anyone who purchases the combined Training and Assessment package to win a two day Delphi Hybrid and EV Training Course commencing March 14-15 2022 if the MOT Assessment is booked before 31st December 2021ii .

The IMI MOT Training and Assessment for 2021/22 offers 3 options:

  • Training only
    ● Assessment only – including up to 2 attempts 
    ● Combined Training and Assessment – including up to 2 attempts

To find out more visit MOT Tester – Assessment and Annual Training | IMI (

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