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Office for Students registration fees: impact assessment

Office for Students

Analysis of the effects of introducing registration fees for providers registering with the Office for Students (OfS).


Introducing registration fees for Office for Students: impact assessment

Ref: DFE-00058-2019PDF, 1.57MB, 44 pages


An assessment of the effects of introducing OfS registration fees in academic year 2019 to 2020.

Registration fees were introduced in the Higher Education Research Act 2017. The impact is assessed based on proposals outlined in the government response published in February 2018.

The analysis considers the impact on:

  • higher education providers
  • taxpayers
  • government
  • students

Office for Students: registration fees (stage 2)

Ref: DFE-00062-2018PDF, 253KB, 30 pages

Detail of outcome

Summary of responses we received, along with the government’s response outlining the next steps.

The impact assessment related to this consultation is available at Office for Students registration fees: impact assessment.

Original consultation


We’re seeking your views on how registered higher education providers’ annual registration fees charged by the Office for Students (OfS) will be calculated. 

This consultation was held on another website.

This consultation ran from 

Consultation description

We’re seeking views on:

  • detailed proposals for calculating the annual registration fee
  • a proposed partial government subsidy of registration fees for new providers
  • plans to review the fee model after 2 years of its operation, including sector views

The consultation also considers:

  • an alternative registration fee model that the OfS could move to in the future, subject to the outcomes of the proposed review
  • some operational aspects of the fee

In a first stage consultation, we asked for views on high-level principles and proposals to underpin and inform the registration fee model.

We also held separate consultations on a number of related subjects:

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