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In response to changes in the world of work NEOMA Business School adapts their Global Executive MBA to be more flexible

In response to changes in the world of work, NEOMA Business School has developed the Global Executive MBA to offer more online courses and extra options for starting the programme.

Ranked among the 100 best EMBAs in the world, according to the FT, the course will offer a new range of innovative educational experiences, international exhibitions and multidisciplinary content. It offers learners a complete vision of an organisation and the key skills necessary to access even the highest functions of a company.

The updates to the Global Executive MBA will be effective from the beginning of October 2020.

The course has evolved in several key areas. One of the main ways is its increase in online courses in order to become more flexible. In addition, learners will now be able to join the course in either October, February or June, depending on their own commitments.

An MBA course should address the changing needs of professionals. This type of curriculum works around the constraints of a demanding professional life” says Olivier Lefaivre, Director of the Global Executive MBA.

Students will now also have the opportunity to take part in two international learning experiences. These week-long modules, which will focus on Fintech and entrepreneurship in developing markets, will take place in New York (US) and Accra (Ghana) respectively.

These international experiences will be an opportunity to change paths, open up careers to new international perspectives and acquire the key skills of a manager or global entrepreneur” adds Lefaivre

The programme has also been boosted by the increased use of peer-learning, and all participants will be able to join “Resilient Leadership” sessions dedicated to personal development and strengthening interpersonal leadership.

The Global Executive MBA has three main objectives for students; to change mindsets, to create individuals’ value, and to be bold and innovative. It allows executives to develop the skills expected of managers in complex environments. The duration of the course is 15 months and it is fully taught in English.

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