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@IPGMediabrands Launches MOTION #Apprenticeship Programme in partnership with Arch to recruit new and diverse #Talent 

IPG Mediabrands, the global media arm of Interpublic Group, has announced the expansion of their apprenticeship programme, MOTION, intending to become the most progressive apprenticeship programme in the industry.

MOTION will run in partnership with Arch, part of Avado. IPG Mediabrands been working with Arch since 2013, and the apprenticeships they have run so far have proved highly successful, leading IPG Mediabrands to expand the programme throughout their network.

IPG Mediabrands believe MOTION is a great opportunity for the business to recruit new and diverse talent, whilst also supporting those wishing to break into the media industry at entry-level, a task which can prove especially daunting for those without a university degree. Apprenticeships at IPG Mediabrands provide the foundations for a career within media and the industry as a whole.

MOTION, which results in a level 3 qualification in Advertising and Media, will last a total of 16 months during which the apprentices will rotate around different departments. Whilst there are various apprenticeships available across the media industry, MOTION will allow the apprentices to explore the many disciplines and roles within IPG Mediabrands, helping them to decide which team they may potentially like to join upon completion and ultimately, continue their career with.

MOTION has been set up by Gemma Appleford, who began her career as an apprentice at IPG Mediabrands and has since worked her way up to Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor across all agencies within the network. Based on her first-hand experience, the programme has been created to offer maximum support to future apprentices and their careers.

Often schools and universities don’t fully prepare young people for the realities of the working world, especially in industries such as media,said Gemma Appleford, Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor at IPG Mediabrands.

We feel that these apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity for people who might not otherwise enter this industry to get a real understanding of what it’s like, and to receive training and a qualification that will serve them for the rest of their lives.”

Applications are now open for the six positions available in April, with another six positions beginning in September. In order to support and maximise the opportunity for those applying, IPG Mediabrands will also be covering the costs of the apprentice’s travel for the duration of the apprenticeship. This will encourage those who live outside of London to apply.

MOTION is important for those interested in entering the media industry, whilst also acting as a fantastic way for IPG Mediabrands to find diverse new talent,” said Mark Creighton, CEO of AVADO.Apprenticeship programmes empower organisations to recruit and develop people from different backgrounds, helping industries achieve a balance which ultimately results in a more profitable, innovative workplace.”

IPG Mediabrands is a media and marketing solutions agency group based in London, whose clients include LEGO, Converse, AMEX and Just Eat. The agency has been working with Arch for seven years, and in 2018 were named as a UK Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer by the National Apprenticeship Service.

Arch is part of Avado, delivering pioneering apprenticeships for businesses, governments and charities across marketing, data, technology, people and finance. Avado is the professional academy for people who want real change.

We support learning in 5 areas which form our academies:

  1. Data
  2. Finance
  3. People
  4. Technology
  5. Marketing

We do this with four learning experiences:

  1. Qualifications
  2. Apprenticeships
  3. Bootcamps, and
  4. Modules

Our apprenticeships are delivered by Arch, and are Ofsted ‘Outstanding’.

About Avado: Avado is the professional academy for people who want real change. We support learning in 5 areas which form our academies, Data, Finance, People, Technology, Marketing We do this with four learning experiences; Qualifications, Apprenticeships, Bootcamps and Modules. Our apprenticeships are delivered by Arch, and are Ofsted ‘Outstanding’. 

About IPG Mediabrands: IPG Mediabrands is the global media and marketing solutions group of IPG (NYSE: IPG). Today, the network manages $39 billion in marketing investment on behalf of its clients, employing over 13,500 marketing communication specialists in more than 130 countries.

Full-service and global agencies within the IPG Mediabrands network include UM and Initiative. Additional leading brands and specialist business units include Reprise, Cadreon, MAGNA, Orion Holdings and Rapport.

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