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Is your business suffering a talent shortage?

A recent report from Bullhorn suggests that many industries are facing a talent shortage. Have you considered if your business is one of them? One of the most effective ways to fill this gap is to boost the skillset of the people who already understand the way your company works. And this can be done effectively with on-site apprenticeship training.

An industry-wide talent shortage is rocking the business world. But could an investment in on-site training and development help to tackle this problem?

Offering apprenticeship training helps your business keep up with the talent churn, without affecting your staff headcount. How many times have you reached for the job boards when looking to improve the strength of your teams? And how many times have you been stung with hefty recruitment fees in the process?

As a business owner, looking towards on-site training before shelling out for new faces, is a shrewd move. Apprenticeships can be used as a foundation for new starters or you may prefer to upskill more experienced staff who would benefit from further qualifications and industry knowledge.

Why are apprenticeships beneficial?

No matter which industry you’re in, there is always room for team development. Solvo Vir is an accredited training provider with trainers based up and down the country. The company specialises in sector-specific training, including leadership and management, recruitment and accountancy. This means that for industries where specialised knowledge is required, your learners will have the support they need to soak up the most recent developments in your sector.

Basic business and customer service skills are supported too. For new starters or customer facing teams, these Level 2 and 3 Diplomas are an important investment for achieving long-term goals.

Apprenticeship training in the workplace

There is a common misconception that apprenticeships are only suitable for younger generations. However, a high proportion of apprenticeships are undertaken by older adults, those with years of workplace experience and knowledge already behind them. Taking an existing member of staff and putting them onto an apprenticeship programme is a clever and effective way to fill some of the gaps left by the talent shortage.

A good training provider should offer in-house learning that doesn’t interrupt the day-to-day flow of the business. On-site training should be considerate to the learner, and the employer. A holistic approach is generally more effective too, with a mix of face-to-face learning, online seminars and projects to takeaway.

Training to suit all knowledge bases

Do you have individuals on your team who have entered the business at a junior level and worked their way up? But are perhaps still missing a few vital qualifications to allow them to progress further? Offering the chance to take on additional training can help those individuals to gain qualifications they may have otherwise missed out on. Not only that, but evidence confirms that an employee who feels valued is more likely to stay on with the company.

Equally, building the foundations for a new starter can help to encourage further development later down the line. There are various entry-level training courses that a junior employee could benefit from. And by investing in your staff early on, you help to build the skills and knowledge base of more well-rounded teams. Because of course, as we all know, a stronger workforce means a stronger business.

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