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January Job Applications Rise By 21 Per Cent

Founder of JOB TODAY, Polina Montano

New Report reavels January Job Applications Rise By 21%

January is renown as the month of new beginnings, and now a new trend is developing in which Brits are focusing on having a job to work for them, not just working for their job. With over one million work-weary Brits hunting for a new job this January**, insight from Job Today, has revealed a 21 per cent increase in applications this January.

It seems a fifth of us are making good on the ‘new year new me’ mantra, with getting a new job the seventh most popular new year’s resolution. One in four of us are unhappy at work, which spurred half to move on to a new challenge last year. 

The casual job sector is a booming industry with JOB TODAY securing casual jobs for seekers within 24 hours. The app connects young job seekers with casual jobs which are available at local businesses; allowing job seekers to secure jobs in a matter of hours through an app for the first time ever, facilitating flexible working situations that help young Brits manage the evolving, fast-paced job climate. 

From the 21 per cent increase in applications, hospitality proved the hottest industry for those wanting a happy work/life balance. Inspired by the surrounding restaurant scene, 51 per cent of applications were for London-based chef positions, with a further 44 per cent wanting to be waiters and waitresses. 

Founder of JOB TODAY, Polina Montano said, “To many, a new year signifies a new start, which makes January the perfect time for people to change jobs. We are seeing the demand for casual jobs soar and that’s why JOB TODAY is so popular amongst young workers – we are providing them with employment in a matter of hours”.

 This makes changing jobs less of a daunting process, and gives job seekers more freedom to find roles that greater suit their lifestyle. There is no excuse to not be happy in your job, from dog-walking for animal lovers, chef roles for culinary-creatives, bartending for budding mixologists and personal training for fitness freaks, the range of jobs available on JOB TODAY can take your career in an exciting new direction”.

With January proving a popular time to change careers, Polina has shared her top tips for finding a new job:

  1.    Make your CV stand out

The January job market is competitive, and your CV is going to be one of many where people are selling themselves. Make sure your CV clearly displays your relevant experience, but personality is ultimately what will set you apart. Job Today provides support to make sure all your skills and personality stands out clearly. The new automatic CV maker on JOB TODAY now does this for you, creating a CV in less than a minute, ensuring your skills and experience are best presented to help you standout from the crowd. 

  1.    Find a Job that works for you 

With the variety of options and flexibility in the job market, you no longer have to compromise your lifestyle because of work. Whether it’s a cleaner, bartender or dog-walker, finding something that works alongside your lifestyle will give you greater job satisfaction and in-turn help your performance in that role. 

  1.    Show interest in your employers 

If you see a role that you love the look of, take some time to research to company and find out what they’re about. Look at their social media and engage with them, ask them questions and show that you’re interested – this will put them on your radar and strengthen your chances of an interview when you come to hit send on that application. 

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