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Kate Green responding to Grant Shapps’ tweet about old pacer trains being used as class rooms

Kate Green MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary

Kate Green MP, @Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, responding to Grant Shapps’ tweet saying old pacer trains could be used as classrooms across the North of England, said:

“Trying to turn a few old train carriages into classrooms shows the Conservative’s contempt for children’s learning. Everyone across the North knows they weren’t good enough for passengers and they aren’t good enough for our children.

“During the last decade, Conservative governments have allowed our schools to fall into disrepair with billions of pounds of maintenance now needed, while the number of children in supersized classes of over 30 children has increased to nearly a million.

“Labour is committed to putting children first as we recover from the pandemic, and our Children’s Recovery Plan would deliver the support and school experience every child needs to thrive. Children deserve better than this incompetent Conservative government.”

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