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Apprenticeships Keeping The Nation’s Teeth Healthy!

@Learn_Kit Ltd is one of eight partners within the @SkillsAcadWales and is a training company, operating throughout Wales, specialising in Dental Nursing.

Embarking on an apprenticeship programme with Learn Kit Ltd means taking part in structured training, development and programmes such as the Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing, where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed for a career in Dental Nursing through marked assignments, building a portfolio of evidence and some exams. You will also have the chance to gain essential skills qualifications.

Over the past year, like many other organisations, Learn Kit Ltd has had to adapt its working ways to ensure high-quality training and support continue to be delivered to the many learners enrolled on the Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing.

They have been extremely lucky to be able to continue to work with students and their practices over the last year with many completing their qualifications despite the restrictions put in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact, the last year has brought a steady number of new starts with trainee dental nurses coming onto the programme on a regular basis. So much so, that they have been able to expand the team and take on new members of staff to help deal with the demands.

Historically, the qualification has been delivered through practice visits, office-based tutorials and lessons, along with remote access to the learning platforms we use. Recent times have seen Learn Kit Ltd move away from paper-based portfolios using online learning platforms in their place.

Jane Harwood, dental nurse training officer from Learnkit explains

“The Covid-19 pandemic as meant that we have had to adjust and adapt to new guidelines set by City and Guilds, the awarding body, as well as public health guidelines and government legislation. Learn Kit Ltd has embraced the challenges it has faced and utilised remote learning.

“In the past enrolment was carried out at the learner’s practice but now, we have a system in place that allows for the enrolment process to take place remotely, keeping the assessor, learner and practice staff safe.”

“Some of the learners that have come onto the programme within the last year have given some feedback to how they have found the remote learning experience.”

“Learning during the pandemic is hard, not going to college and not being able to meet with assessors and assessors not being able to come to us to complete work. It is good to know that you are there for advice, instruction and a talk if we have any difficulties, we are still progressing on the course and COVID-19 hasn’t kept us where we were when we began.”

“Remote learning has been somewhat difficult. The aspect of studying in your own time is great but can be difficult if you have any questions or need guidance as you may be doing your learning at unsociable times. My tutor has been fantastic and can only speak highly of her. My work is marked promptly with the necessary amendments made. I am always able to discuss any issues or difficulties with her. It would be nice to meet other learners and discuss the course with them, so this is another area which I am finding hard.”

“Remote learning during the pandemic has been different but very helpful. I can contact you if I am unsure of anything and I know you are there with any advice/help with workbooks.’’

“I have found the remote experience through the pandemic really helpful and I prefer it. I feel like I am getting all the support I need and if I’m ever stuck you reply to my emails so fast. I think it has been a good way of learning.”

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