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Students from Brecon Beacons College have been Keeping the Peace

Foundation Studies Students from Brecon Beacons College have been hard at work building totem poles for a local Brecon garden with the theme of the design being ‘Peace’.

The students have spent most of the year in their weekly classes preparing the poles as a part of a collaboration with The Brecon Hive Community. With the help of the College’s carpentry students, the reveal of the totem poles took place at the Peace Gardens in Brecon and members of the community and Hive Community were all invited for the unveiling.

Jules Hore, member of the Hive Community says:

“The College is a part of the community. The garden brings a link for the College and the town. The students have played a vital part in making this happen.”

Pupils designed their poles with symbols from Wales and Nepal, to show the connection with the Nepalese and to show appreciation to the work they have carried out in the Garden.

Mayor of Brecon Ann Mathias who revealed the totem poles said: “It is a haven of tranquillity within the town and we are so lucky to have it. Everyone involved should be proud. It’s a pleasure to watch everyone enjoy and lovely to meet the students from Brecon Beacons College, and to be able to see their enthusiasm for the project.”

The reveal is a part of the opening of the new sensory garden inside the Peace Gardens. With Foundation Studies lecturer Sara Powell saying:

“This is a great way to unite with the community and bring everyone together. The students have been able to have an active role to give something to the community and along the way have learnt many skills, such as team building, project design and confidence.”

The totem poles, as well as other installations, will be available for members of the public to see at the Peace Gardens Brecon.

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