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Kirstie Donnelly discusses Equity, Equality and the emergence of Gentrification of Apprenticeships

Equity, Equality and the emergence of Gentrification of apprenticeships

City & Guilds CEO Kirstie Donnelly MBE hosted a couple of very interesting sessions exploring diversity, inclusion and opportunity at FAB 2022. Kirstie shares the outcomes from her session with Frank Douglas about the difference between Equity and Equality. Frank also made an interesting point about how many parents Apprenticeships are a Plan B, but how can we make this a Plan A.

Interestingly, Tony Sewell in a later session discusses the ‘Gentrification of Apprenticeships’ by parents and families who have a greater understanding of the Apprenticeship system. 

So Kirstie discusses this very interesting emerging situation and also explores the current job market and skills system. Check out the chat with Kirstie below

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