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Latest version of CRM4FE released – upgrades still free

WiredContact, the leading online CRM hosted Customer Relationship Management service, has unveiled the latest release of its Educational solution. CRM4FE allows Colleges to fully integrate the employer engagement and CRM elements with existing College systems such as EBS, Maytas, QL and other leading systems.

  Both OFSTED and JISC state clearly that Colleges should own and control their own IT systems. Colleges that rely heavily on external providers for standard solutions can find themselves spending excessively and ending up with something that is not what the College actually needed. Using existing resources and growing its own in house capability will offer the opportunity to exit from high cost support agreements and redress much of the risk presented at contract renewal times because the college would then own their own systems. CRM4FE relies upon the fundamental principle that standard processes can be implemented using standard systems and resources in a consistent and compliant manner with due regard for best practice. CRM4FE ends the conflict and unreasonable costs whilst empowering the MIS /IT teams to better support the requirements of a modern Employer facing College. CRM4FE remains a browser based CRM solution whilst allowing unrestricted access to the core data for example from SharePoint. The objective at all times being to avoid duplicitous data entry. CRM4FE works the way each College works, with ease the layouts and forms can be altered in house, permissions are such that specific teams need only see relevant data for example telesales see only raw data whilst early administrators perhaps cannot see closed courses, flexibility is just one reason Colleges are selecting CRM4FE over more expensive solutions.   CRM4FE can use the vast array of specialist add-ons to help with market penetration developed to increase sales and brand awareness such as their integration with the Campaign Manager to track emails, VOIP integration, Sage line 50 integration, QuoteWerks for detailed compliant Quotes, Outlook integration, Text Messaging that can be bi-directional and premium rated and more. CRM4FE is developed on the back of more than 20 years CRM experience and naturally has everything you could wish for in a modern solution. Paul King, Managing Director of WiredContact UK said: “I am constantly surprised at the excessive amounts we hear Colleges are paying for standard features no other industry would consider paying. Perhaps some CRM software vendors believe their own hype, we are pleased to be different and have for many years provided an honest solution for a reasonable fee hence our 100% College retention.  This confidence and trust has allowed us to develop CRM4FE into a very popular easy to use solution that our customers tell us they like.  Through focus and commitment to the industry, WiredContact has distanced itself from the inter-vendor rivalry and created a service that is hugely advantageous to all of its clients and their particular sectors alike, where 100% of the product capacity can be beneficially utilised. Having designed a bespoke service, tailored to vertical market sectors, WiredContact users have the option to add more sophisticated functions to the browser based CRM software as business expands or needs change.  The new bespoke service improves business proficiency as ineffectual functions are removed and replaced in direct accordance to the client needs. This new release confirms WiredContact as leaders and innovators within the CRM market. 

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About WiredContact – is a web-based CRM service that is suitable for all levels of usage, from SME’s to Bluechip Enterprise to provide a leading edge Customer Relationship Management service solution.   WiredContact, as a web based CRM solution, providing a number of key advantages to clients including quick set-up processes with no in-house maintenance requirements, remote access, easy integration with back-end databases and the ability to work from one central database.   CRM is an integral service for many companies and provides the ability to quickly and easily identify past records, current issues and any markets that may be retracting from the business so a preventative solution can be implemented.   For media information, please contact Paul King on 0208 099 3032 

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