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Leadership and management skills have been identified as a key skills gap in healthcare

Arden University (@Arden_Uni) designs new courses to help fix the skills gap in healthcare 


Arden University, a leading UK-based provider of flexible, online and blended learning, has developed two new healthcare management courses – Master of Public Health and MSc Global Health Management – to meet the developing demands of the healthcare sector.

Both courses have been designed to meet the increasing demand for graduates with a passion for managing and leading preventive health services in communicable and non-communicable diseases.

The MSc Global Health Management will equip students with the technical, managerial and leadership skills needed to work in health management from a global perspective.

Both CMI accredited courses place an emphasis on providing students with the most current skills in healthcare and digital literacy in health services management, giving them the ability to support healthcare delivery and better health outcomes at a population, community, and national level. 

Arden University will integrate digital technology in content and teaching delivery, outlining the application of digital health developments and digital literacy, while also making use of simulations. The courses are also endorsed by the Institute of Health and Social Care Management, integrating healthcare and management specialisms.

“Health and Social Care organisations across the UK – especially, but not limited to, those in the NHS – have skills gaps in leadership, management, the non-clinical workforce and digital capabilities,” shares Stephanie West, Head of School of Health and Care Management at Arden University.

“The past 18 months, especially, has taught the healthcare sector a lot and has highlighted the skills gaps. Nurses that have been working in care for the past decade, despite excelling at their job, often miss the leadership and management skills needed to not only take that next step up in their career, but also to effectively respond to health crises by leading their teams, services and organisations through difficulties. Our courses have been designed with this in mind, alongside the lessons we have learnt throughout this pandemic.”

Alongside the new courses, the Health and Care Management School has released a Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) – a Level 6 apprenticeship that delivers a quality honours degree, on-the-job experience and a professional pathway for future development. It is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and has immense potential for the education, training and upskilling of the future and current workforce, in order to meet the sector’s needs.

“Our academics are industry leaders with vast experience within the sectors. This brings a range of professional expertise that will provide learners with a myriad of learning opportunities to develop their practice,” says Stephanie.

“Funded by students’ employers, our CMDA focuses on Health and Care Management and provides a unique positioning in terms of developing key skills in leadership in the health and care sectors, delivered from a Faculty of Business.”

The CMDA is accredited by the CMI which provides professional recognition and integrity to the course. This provides a prestigious qualification in its own right in the field of management. The course incorporates the Mary Seacole programme from the NHS Leadership Academy.

“This is one of a few CMDA offerings that provides such extensive industry links and focus on relevant management needs,” says Stephanie.

Areas of Health and Social Care are in demand, so we are expecting the need for highly trained managers to increase due to the introduction of integrated care systems. These courses will equip graduates to progress into these leadership and management roles in a range of settings across both Health and Care sectors. This includes roles in the private and third sectors.

“Our new courses allow professionals that are working in this sector or elsewhere to open new doors in their career when undertaking courses such as the Master of Public Health, MSc Global Health Management or CMDA. Degrees that are in tune with the here and now act as a fast track for our student’s professional development in leadership,” concludes Stephanie.


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