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Learn how to be a good manager in a changing world with this new business school programme

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A new master’s programme called ‘Strategic Management in a Changing World’ has been launched to develop the increasingly crucial analytical and entrepreneurial thinking skills needed in today’s rapidly developing business environment by Aalto University School of Business in Finland (@AaltoBIZ).

Starting in the autumn of 2022, the ‘Strategic Management in a Changing World’ master’s programme will prepare its graduates for work in business development, consulting, and diverse corporate roles.

The two-year full-time programme will be taught entirely in English, and will bring together modern business practices and the newest research in order to provide skills and knowledge in strategic analysis, formulation, and implementation.

The courses in this programme cover a wide range of topics, such as; International Strategy, People Management, Entrepreneurship, disruption, and economic change – particularly how sustainability is reshaping the economy.

Graduates of the programme will be analytical decision-makers who can identify valuable business opportunities by evaluating the complex global megatrends such as sustainability, digitalization, and globalization.

Ultimately, the programme differs from traditional strategy programmes in that the programme emphasises the opportunities that sustainable development and continuing digitalisation and globalization create for businesses, teaching the students how to bring an entrepreneurial mindset into their organizations.

Through the introduction of this programme, Aalto University School of Business continues to demonstrate how they are leaders in this field, as they prepare their students to go on to create a better world for us all.

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