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Sandra lands dream job with McDonald’s thanks to CT Skills

The Mission:

CT Skills worked with leading fast-food company McDonalds, to offer a short Hospitality & Employability qualification followed by a guaranteed interview for one of their Crew Member positions at their restaurant in Mansfield. The course provided learners with the skills, confidence and qualifications required to succeed at an interview.

The Challenge:

Sandra Day, 33, like many in the Midlands faced a period of unemployment and tried gaining experience by volunteering with her local charity shop and job centre. Although she had experience, Sandra found it wasn’t enough without a qualification which would stand out on her C.V and help her to secure employment.

Whilst speaking to a work coach in her local job centre about seeking a full-time job, she was informed of CT Skills Mansfield and their employment opportunity with McDonalds.

Sandra enrolled on to the bespoke course which gave her relevant training and qualifications in Food Hygiene, Employability Skills and Hospitality.

Sandra told us;

“The tutor, Pat Williams, was brilliant with everyone on the course and she made the work interesting. Pat was very easy to talk to and helped to make my learning experience a happy and successful one. I learned a lot on the course and gained new insights in to a variety of ways to gain employment. Another tutor, Andy was also helpful in showing the class how to tailor C.Vs to have the maximum and desired affect for the job that we were applying for.”

The Future:

CT Skills worked closely with Sandra and the other learners on the course to ensure they were individually prepped and ready for their interviews with McDonalds. They used techniques such as practicing competency based interview questions as well as understanding what employers are looking for when hiring a new employee.

Sandra completed the course in March 2019 after just 3 weeks and attended a pre-arranged interview just a few days later. Sandra concluded;

“I have been successful in an interview for McDonald’s and finally have a job I am happy about. I have a start date for next week and I am excited. CT Skills has certainly helped with my confidence and changed the way I work alongside others as a team player. I would recommend and have already recommended CT Skills to my friends and family.”

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