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Leeds City College rolls out detailed schedule of positive personal development, behaviours and attitudes (PDBA) activities to support the structure of daily learning routines

@LeedsCityColl students engage online 

A weekly timetable of online activities has been launched to increase connectivity during the college closure.

Leeds City College has rolled out a detailed schedule of positive personal development, behaviours and attitudes (PDBA) activities in order to support the structure of daily learning routines. 

The Student Life Enrichment team and Leeds City College Students’ Union have developed six themes for the activities to engage a wide range of learners. The exercise and physical activity includes fitness tips and workouts to ensure students maintain a good level of health while at home. Various sports groups have also been created to encourage regular conversations where students can discuss their sports interests and interact with others who have similar passions.

Due to the unsettling nature of current circumstances, wellbeing and mental health activities have been introduced to provide students with advice for reducing stress, including breathing techniques. Mindfulness exercises are taught to help reduce panic and improve focus. Learners are encouraged to participate in digital social groups which provide a regular staple of communication.

A balanced diet is encouraged through activities focused on healthy eating. Cooking advice is provided, showing students how to cook on a budget and include key nutrients in their daily intake. This exercise has been created to improve students’ mood and develop key cooking skills.

A range of current affairs activities has been designed to ignite discussion amongst learners and improve critical thinking skills. Students are invited to express their views on various topics such as Boris Johnson’s daily updates and Question Time.

Katrina Joines, applied science student and member of the current affairs group, said:

“It’s really useful to keep updated on the news and speak with people who have different points of views. This group has helped develop my knowledge through listening to other people and allowed me to share my ideas.”

Careers advice is regularly circulated to communicate current volunteering options and university guidance. Fun activities have also been included to boost morale across the board, including games, quizzes and musical theatre.

Krzysztof Gorecki, English for speakers of other languages student, said:

“These activities allow you to connect with people who have similar interests and I’ve made some great new friends through the groups. My English has really improved through speaking to different people and I’m feeling more confident each day.”

Steven Richards, activities and engagement manager at Leeds City College, said:

“Although we are physically separated, it’s incredibly important as a college to remain socially and mentally connected. We appreciate studying from home can be challenging for learners, and we have introduced weekly activities to create an engaging, supportive and interactive environment during this difficult time.”

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