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After a successful year, training and employment provider Seetec looks forward to a prosperous 2019 starting with an introduction to some new experts to their sales and operations team, to support the apprenticeship division.

With 95% of businesses reportedly not taking advantage of their levy funds in 2017 of the scheme*, Seetec took action last year to expand their support to businesses and brought in an expert team to help optimize their workforce. Now, as a result, levy demand is rising amongst employers and Seetec are ready and on hand to help businesses wanting to use their levy fund in 2019.

Specialising in both levy and non-levy employers, Director of Sales at Seetec, Steve Barker, has started afresh with a tight knit team who can not only increase sales, but deliver their product to employers nationwide who need it most.

The small but dedicated team is made up of Amanda Fulljames, Lee Spicer and Jo Reid who are all National Employer Partnership Managers for Seetec. Taking on the account management side of the team is Lauren Webb, appointed Head of Employer Solutions & Strategic Partnerships.

Amanda Fulljames, who has worked in the training and welfare sector for 13 years, specialising in delivering pre-employment training, apprenticeships and workforce development solutions, Amanda is working specifically with levy employers to help them maximise their funds for their business.

She explains: “I’ve worked in similar roles with client partnerships with the likes of Poundland, Whirlpool, Sainsbury’s and others. With a background in apprenticeship levy optimization, the role at Seetec is perfect for me to sink my teeth in to. Demand from businesses wanting to use their apprenticeship levy has increased as a result of last year’s government funding, however it’s vital for us to educate these employers on what to expect so they have all the information before going ahead with a levy programme.”

“Our goal primarily as a team is to reach out and help more businesses and with our new infrastructure we will be able to do this. Meaning more businesses will be able to experience the benefits apprentices can bring to their business with a provider that truly understands their needs with a complete end to end service.”

With the apprenticeship levy still on employers radar, Seetec’s new sales team have been hand picked so businesses who are struggling to get to grips on where to start when it comes to implementing an apprentice scheme, gain the helping hand they require from the apprenticeship provider.

One member of the Seetec team who is responsible for these local businesses when they are ready to take the plunge is Lauren Webb.

Lauren said: “I have a clear vision for my role in the company for the next three to six months to ideally have a strong operations and account managing team in place. With this being a relatively new arm to the sales team, it’s integral for us to maintain and support the relationship between sales and operations. With more account managers to look after each employer, it should make life easier for the employers, the apprentices they take on and their business as well as for the team here at Seetec.”  

Sales Director Steve Barker advises that individual businesses will meet different requirements, whether that comes from the sector they’re looking at, the apprenticeship course, or the type of business itself.

“Innovation, technology and creativity are key for apprenticeships, especially some of the newer ones on the market. For example, a digital marketing apprenticeship will need to be engaging and technology led, so they will have different requirements compared to a business admin course and other types of schemes on offer, so employers need to know what their learners need and our new sales team really helps to drive that. At Seetec we want to know from employers where are they now, what do they understand about apprenticeships and how can we work together.”

Seetec has provided employers across the UK with support in training and recruitment for over thirty years and want to stress to businesses that with the right service, they can still provide learners and employees with a quality training programme that works efficiently for anyone looking to get involved, from young learners to large multinational corporations.

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