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Maths and English Good Practice Guide launched by West Suffolk College

#WSCLoME Good Practice Guide Shares Maths and English Success

A maths and English Good Practice Guide has been launched by West Suffolk College following two very successful conferences focussing on leadership in those subjects.

Delegates from across the country, who wanted to share the college’s strategy for GCSE resit success, contributed to the guide which is now available on a new maths and English website.

The two leadership conferences were a reaction to the challenge facing Post-16 providers as a quarter of a million students leave school without a grade C in maths and English. They were sponsored by The Education and Training Foundation and enabled West Suffolk College to bring together people from more than 40 FE colleges.

Lindsey Johnson, Vice Principal, Curriculum and Quality, explained: “We believe that proficiency in maths and English can transform lives. The guide is a result of the demand from many colleges who wanted to ‘plug-in’ to the culture required to drive success in those subjects. We are taking the guide to conferences and have now put it, with many other free resources, on our new website.”

Trevor Hewlett, Director of Maths and English said: “This guide aims to raise aspirations in the sector by sharing our experience of what has worked as well as what hasn’t. So far the feedback has been really positive.”

The guide and its contents have also been a big topic of discussion on social media, particularly Twitter, under #WSCLoME.

Visitors to the College cannot fail to appreciate that maths and English are at the heart of everything it does with the students, particularly when they spot some posters with important messages around the campus including in the toilets. These are proving very popular with colleges as they can now be downloaded from the new website.

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