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Apprentices contribute significantly to Mediaworks’ campaigns and successful results

Mediaworks has been bringing apprentices on board the Big Blue Ship since 2010 and hasn’t looked back since.

Each young person who has joined the business has contributed significantly to campaigns and delivered successful results that have been recognised by our clients.

Recruiting apprentices in the last few years has been extremely important for Mediaworks in terms of business growth as well as our aims to bring fresh and eager minds into the digital sector. We understand that university isn’t for everyone and as an independent agency in the North East, we have a responsibility to offer an alternative route.

Former apprentice, Georgie White, who is now a full-time Junior Copywriter within the business, commented:

“It’s important that more businesses open their doors to young people and give them an opportunity to show their worth. University wasn’t for me, and I learnt that was okay when Mediaworks offered me an apprenticeship back in August 2017.”

How we work with apprentices

Once our apprentices step foot into the office, they’re introduced to each department and giving a presentation about the work that they do. We believe that it’s important for our staff to familiarise themselves with all aspects of the business and properly understand each role.

When it comes to the apprenticeship work however, our apprentices are allocated time to carry out week-long training, complete assessments and sit exams which all contribute to their overall grade. To ensure that they’re prepared for each topic thrown at them, we’re happy to move learners across different departments so that they gain the ultimate digital marketing experience.

Josh Brown, who is learning everything there is to know about SEO as a Level 3 Digital Marketing apprentice, commented: “My experience at Mediaworks has been amazing. I constantly get the support I need and the atmosphere in the open plan office allows everyone to interact with each other freely. Mediaworks facilitates my apprenticeship needs as sometimes my coursework requires me to do things I wouldn’t normally do as an SEO. For example, during my communications assessment, I moved over to the outreach team to build relationships with external publications and learn more about their processes. Overall, I couldn’t think of having my apprenticeship anywhere other Mediaworks.”

The future of apprenticeships at Mediaworks

As our business continues to grow with new client wins, we’re always in the talks with our apprenticeship partner Baltic Training on how we can bring new faces to the company across all levels.

Head of Culture and People, Jayne Parsley-Walsh, commented:

“All of our apprentices are valued. We’re giving somebody the right skills and knowledge to take on for their future career. It’s not just someone to make the tea or sweep the floors, it’s essentially a massive contribution to our business.

“Working with Baltic has been an absolute dream. They’re extremely professional, always on hand, always able to answer your query and the level of communication with both the apprentices and us as employers has been fantastic.”

We’re always looking forward to taking on a new batch of apprentices across a range of different departments. Our recent office expansion has left us with a few spare seats to fill, so if you’re interested in becoming part of our awesome team here at Mediaworks, get in touch!

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