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Mesma has introduced “Inquire” to support further education and skills providers manage quality reviews

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Quality improvement specialist Mesma has introduced new Inquire to support further education and skills providers as they manage their ongoing cycle of quality reviews.

The module has been designed in collaboration with Mesma’s clients by identifying solutions to better coordinate deep-dive inquiries into targeted areas of education, training and assessment. 

It resolves challenges in overseeing organisational quality reviews, designed to assure and improve provision and feed into a broader self-assessment and quality improvement process. 

Inquireprovides an effective means to build on or introduce an evidence-based approach to improvement, engaging team members in the process. It has been designed to encourage sharing of good practice and deliver clear accountability for an on-going cycle of inquiries throughout the year.

The easy-to-use module enables providers to determine the detail of planned reviews, create an action calendar and allocate to team members, capturing the findings and any required remedial action.

Users can utilise in-built templates or construct their own to pursue a specific focus for lines of inquiry. On-going quality assurance with sub-contractors can also be improved while a handy tagging feature enables an inquiry to be tagged to the relevant area of the Ofsted inspection framework to build evidence for self-assessment.

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Louise Doyle, Mesma director, said:

“Leaders tell us their priority is to understand where their provision is working well, and where to focus on improvements. They want to define, implement and oversee a series of structured inquiries throughout the year; not rely on a retrospective, resource intensive, annual self-assessment report alone. 

“What can be a struggle is a simple way to coordinate these reviews beyond spreadsheets, emails and phone calls. We’re particularly excited about the progress we are making in our aim to have software that supports a holistic approach to improvement, building on our existing suite of modules. 

Inquireadds value to this one-stop quality assurance and improvement solution. We have more to come this year and we‘re looking forward to sharing more with the professionals we work hard to support.”

The introduction of Inquire as part of Mesma’s online quality improvement software further boosts the range of services available to users. A new Share moduleis being phased in during Spring 2019 to further align quality assurance activities with resources to support improvement and meet the demand from clients for a comprehensive suite of cost-effective quality improvement tools.

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