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On duty - Mission Commander Russ & Deputy Commander Lisa

‘Mission Impossible @H6’ – Haringey Sixth Form College’s New VIP Applicant Day took place this week.

Another innovative and engaging experience for the college’s potential new applicants. Russ Lawrance, Principal & CEO of Haringey Sixth Form College challenged the New VIP Applicants to take on a mission to tackle ‘The Greatest Threat’, with a mantra that ‘@H6 – the impossible is possible!’ They all had to identify and find a solution to ‘The Greatest Threat’ aligned to their curriculum areas. They were enlisted as ‘Special Agents’, with the seen set by Deputy Principal of Haringey Sixth Form College, Lisa Westray. Click here to view Mission Impossible @H6 brief

One of the New VIP Applicants, Joshua Brown said “The day has been great so far and very insightful, I can’t wait to join the college, so I’ll definitely be coming back in August to enrol.”

Another New VIP Applicant mentioned “I’ve really been enjoying myself today and didn’t think the day would go like this. I thought I was just coming in for a few lessons but I got a lot more.”

New VIP Applicants were provided with lunch, and during the break they were able to interact with current students of Haringey Sixth Form College. Enrichment activities were also available such as Board Games, Debate Club, Basketball, Badminton and Martial Arts.

“The fantastic students who attended today have been able to live the #H6Experience that we always talk about and have seen what it’s like to be a part of the #TeamHaringey6 community. We truly are #MoreThanACollege. I can’t wait for these guys to join us at the College in September! Keep up the great work, agents!” – Lisa Westray, Deputy Principal of Haringey Sixth Form College.

“Today has been an exceptional experience. Haringey Sixth Form College is #MoreThanACollege – it represents respect. Today, prospective new students really had a chance to #DiscoverTheDifference as we were able to demonstrate that. When the new applicants start in September, they will be part of a team – #TeamHaringey6 and there will be high expectations of them and for them. Our themed days such as today’s Mission Impossible, are fantastic experiences, showing potential students that we don’t just focus on exam results, but also on recognising ability in someone and then doing everything in partnership with the students to reach their potential, achieving excellence in everything we do and celebrating all achievements.” – Russ Lawrance, Principal & CEO of Haringey Sixth Form College.

At the end of the day, all New VIP Applicants and staff gathered again in the college’s state-of-the-art, university spec Lecture Theatre to present their ideas on what the greatest threat to their curriculum area was and how they planned to tackle it.

All the New VIP Applicants were challenged to present which increased their confidence as they presented exceptionally well, bringing the curtains down on an amazing day.

All the New VIP Applicants have received a conditional offer to study at Haringey Sixth Form College in September 2020.

As Principal & CEO Russ Lawrance pointed out, “We are #MoreThanACollege! We are oversubscribed and the only way to secure your place for September 2020 is to have completed the full application process, which includes having an interview by 31st March 2020.

The college then accepts ‘late applications’ after the 31st March 2020.

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