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National Apprenticeship Week: Ex-Army recruit has a blazing start with optimistic future in mental health, says ‘I’m not naturally academic and I wasn’t designed for A-levels and university’


Ex-Army recruit with @QubeLearning has a blazing start with optimistic future in mental health, says ‘I’m not naturally academic and I wasn’t designed for A-levels and university’ 

Danny Laverick from York was given the opportunity to embark on a Learn and Earn Programme at renowned healthcare institute, Priory Group at Stockton Hall Hospital. In 2020, Danny and his Employer enrolled him on a Level 2 Facilities Operative Apprenticeship hosted by national Recruitment and Training solutions Provider, Qube Learning, that saw the course of his life take a positive turn.

Having joined the Forces at 16, Danny was used to a uniformed approach when it came to his profession. After joining the army, he went to Winchester for first six months for basic training, it was the first time Danny had been away from family for a long period and he found during that time he matured and grew as a person. Danny served eight years in the second battalion and in that time, he completed a wide variety of courses from maths and English to snipers, recon and Pashtun – the local dialect in Helmand province Afghanistan. After eight years, at the age of 24, he decided that he needed a change which was quite an adjustment and looking for employment meant Danny had to think quickly to ensure he had an income to support his wife and daughter. Soon, he found work on a building site, but in December 2019, he was laid off and left worrying how he would provide for his family.

Then in January 2020, Danny spotted a job at Priory Group, which would allow him to use his experience in security. He says: ‘It was the perfect location and the money was right’, so he applied for the role. Not long after he was told he had been accepted for the job, he embarked on his 12-week probation period, which was a success and resulted in him staying on as a permanent member of staff, as a Secure Receptionist in the security department. Danny sees this as one of his biggest career achievements, especially after spending a number of years in the armed forces, which he thought would limit his career options.

Danny had completed an eLearning course at Priory Group but wanted to expand his understanding of the mental health care facility. Therefore, he and his Employer felt an Apprenticeship would encourage this and be great for his career progression. The programme was a Facilities Operative Apprenticeship and Danny was intrigued to begin and expose himself to a more detailed approach to learning in a professional environment. He works hard to fulfil his commitments, doing security checks throughout the hospital, making sure no breaches have occurred by conducting frequent patrols and key and radio checks. Danny and his team are responsible for over 500 sets of keys which give the staff access within the secure area. He is also involved in the training of new starters, giving them lessons on how the keys and personal attack alarms work, and recently became a health and safety rep for his department and looks forward to what experience that will bring.

Danny says: ‘I have always struggled with putting what I am thinking on to paper, but I have learned to be kind and patient with myself. It wasn’t easy to make such a drastic move from my life in uniform to where I am now, but I don’t ever look back with any regrets.

‘The backing from my Employer and Qube Learning Tutor gives me the security to keep going, and being able to educate myself in a less conventional way has been perfect for the type of person I am. I’m not naturally academic and I wasn’t designed for A-levels and university, but I knew if I did not push myself, I would never know what I could achieve. My Apprenticeship has allowed me to feel in control of my future and my confidence has grown and grown, and I feel very proud of the steps I have taken to get here. It is certainly an option I would highly recommend to those looking to earn an income whilst learning, and I have avoided any debts and fees that occur with other education paths such as university.’

Qube Learning is proud to be an OFSTED grade 2 (Good) training provider that works with hundreds of Employers across the country to deliver a range of training and qualifications to a multitude of Students. If you are interested in finding out more about the positive opportunities an Apprenticeship or Traineeship can bring through Qube Vision and eLearning, either as a Student or an Employer, then speak with the experts at Qube Learning.

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