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New bursary fund available to international student community caught in limbo due to Covid-19

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@PackSendUK have been in contact with hundreds of students since lockdown began, helping them to get their belongings home from university accommodation. International students were particularly concerned as they had to find ways to get themselves home, having no choice but to leave their possessions in limbo. Now, PACK & SEND are launching a £1,500 bursary award to support upcoming studies with the online application opening on 1st July.

PACK & SEND are looking for someone who demonstrates a clear passion for learning and shares their goals for what they hope to gain from studying in the UK. The bursary will then be awarded to the applicant who provides the most inspiring, creative and well-articulated response. CEO of PACK & SEND UK, Mike Ryan, recognises the chance to celebrate students and their achievements.

“Every year we help many international students to move their belongings to and from the UK as they start or complete their studies. The arrival of COVID-19 has had a major impact on all students – their academic year coming to an abrupt end. Whilst this has caused major disruption for those graduating this year, it is going to have an even bigger impact on those starting or continuing their studies in the new academic year. Consequently, in recognition of the contribution that students from overseas make to this country, and the support that PACK & SEND receives from their custom, we are launching the PACK & SEND UK International Student Bursary Award.

“Launching this bursary is an exciting time for us and we look forward to hearing all of the amazing and inspiring stories that students share. We hope, although this is the first year, that this is the start of an ongoing programme.”

To qualify, EU and Tier 4 Visa students have to be commencing a recognised course in a UK university or specialist college in 2020/21 academic year. The award is intended to help fund accommodation or learning tool costs, but there are no restrictions on how it can be spent. The bursary will be paid at the rate of £500 at the start of each three terms.

Applications are submitted using an online form, where applicants outline their reasons for wanting to study in the UK and highlight one positive contribution they intend to make during their time at university. Students will be judged by the PACK & SEND team, with the winner being announced before 7th September.

Applications can be completed on the PACK & SEND website

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