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New College of the Humanities has been awarded Tech Industry Gold accreditation

New College of the Humanities (@NCHLondon) are delighted to announce our BSc (Hons) Digital & Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship programme has been awarded Tech Industry Gold accreditation. Tech Industry Gold is the leading accreditation for tech education and training. Simply put, it is accreditation for degree apprenticeships that meet tech industry standards for training apprentices so that they are ready to enter the workplace. 

Our BSc (Hons) Digital & Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship gives apprentices the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace. Apprentices learn how to navigate both the business and IT worlds separately with ease, whilst also gaining an insight into how the two interlink. They build their mathematics, computer science and trend-spotting expertise and learn how to unearth big business insights from unstructured information and data. 


Our BSc (Hons) Digital & Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship programme is made entirely flexible by using high-touch, tutor-led online delivery combined with intensive face-to-face bootcamps. This allows apprentices to find a study/work pattern that suits them, ensuring they are getting the most out of their learning. Face-to-face bootcamps encourage apprentices to delve deeper into their subject, giving them the opportunity to iron out any areas they are unsure of, ask questions, and work through problems, as well as gaining a wealth of skills and knowledge from expert tutors. 

At NCH, we have a dedicated team of learning technologists who focus on making content accessible and tailored to each apprentice. 

Embedded Employer Representatives 

Our apprenticeship programme was built with embedded employer representatives who have helped to design and deliver the programme. This has allowed us to create an apprenticeship that directly benefits the organisation through front loaded training and regular workplace projects. 

Partnerships with Technology Providers 

Employers can choose from a range of industry certifications to embed in training, including AWS, Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks (Cybersecurity). We also have a unique partnership with ServiceNow which provides training to help build the essential skills and technical expertise that fuel new product development, increase productivity and drive digital transformation. 

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