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New data shows profile of degree apprentices

‘Degree apprenticeships offer a tremendous opportunity for both student and employer, and it’s good to see the numbers of jobs and courses increasing all the time.

‘There are now apprenticeships being offered in a wide variety of sectors, including construction, engineering, manufacturing, food technology, business and administration, creative and digital, cyber security, nursing and policing.

‘But it’s important that these opportunities are available to students from all backgrounds, and disappointing to see that female students, minority ethnic groups, and those from poorer backgrounds are not yet equally represented.

‘Degree apprenticeships are a great way for universities to improve access, success and progression for students who choose this model of work and study.  It’s also crucial, though, that employers work with universities to ensure that principles of equality and diversity are embedded in their recruitment processes so that the profile of degree apprentices reflects the diversity of the whole population.’

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