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New Google ‘Classroom Toolbox’ Solution Launches

C-Learning Launches New Google ‘Classroom Toolbox’ Solution At Google Academy London Providing IT Teams With Feature Rich Controls Over Google Classrooms

C-Learning, a Google Premier Education Partner, has launched a new solution at Google Academy London enabling IT teams to easily manage Google Classrooms in new ways. For organisations using the new solution called ‘Classroom Toolbox’, the IT team will now be able to add or remove teachers, change ownership of classrooms and benefit from a whole range of wider functionality including making announcements and reporting. 

C-Learning Executive Chairman Jamie Smith said:

“Google Classroom is used by millions of educators globally and listening to feedback we recognised that there is a need for the IT staff managing the Google environment to be able to change the ownership of a Classroom or to add a teacher to an existing one, among wider features. This can be necessary when an organisation is undergoing significant change or wishes to share resources in new ways. Equally if a colleague leaves or joins then course material that already exists can be shared more easily. Classroom Toolbox enables all of this, giving any organisation using Google Classroom assurance of business continuity should a teacher be unavailable. The interface is simple and along with a feature rich set of wider benefits we also wanted to make the solution within reach for even a small school and it’s set price point of £500 achieves this”.

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Research and Development Manager for C-Learning Francisco Massanet-Nicolau said:

“Google are widely recognised for creating technology that is simple to use but impactful in making a positive difference, and we applied the same discipline to the creation of Classroom Toolbox. It requires no complex installation and empowers IT teams immediately with a set of new controls to use with Google Classroom.”

Chief Executive Officer of C-Learning Ian Nairn commented that:

“We have a long established history of helping our customers to find better ways of working that both makes life easier and has impact. Our new Classroom Toolbox product is the latest such example of this. C-Learning will continue to bring new solutions to the education sector that support people working in education to achieve more, and we are thrilled to launch Classroom Toolbox at a price point that places it well within reach for most educators.”

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