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New high-quality T Level Professional Development offer launches

The Education and Training Foundation (@E_T_Foundation) has launched its new high-quality T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer today (1 Sept), aimed at 2021 #TLevel providers in particular. Two elements of the offer, Industry Insights and Networks are now available for booking and applications. Further elements will be launched over the coming months.

The ETF’s TLPD offer is shaped around the needs of Further Education (FE) and Training providers and their workforce, alongside relevant regional, employer and curriculum requirements.

Providers have cited collaborative working, networking and recent industry knowledge as essential parts of their preparation to deliver T Levels. Two elements of the offer, that are now available to apply for and book, are:

1) Industry Insights

Industry Insights enables staff involved in the delivery of T Levels to undertake placements and work shadowing in related industries, to gain valuable insights into the latest industry practices. This can then be incorporated into curriculum design and classroom teaching, and means students undertaking T Levels are receiving the most up-to-date skills and knowledge designed to meet the needs of their future employers.

2) Networks – including T Level Resource Improvement Projects (TRIPs)

There is now a range of virtual networks available to book on to, to enable those involved in delivering T Levels to interact, collaborate and share effective practice.

Through TRIPs, providers can work together to collaborate on projects, develop solutions to shared challenges and improve the quality of technical teaching.

Since 2019, the ETF, the expert body for professional development and standards in Further Education and Training in England, has been supporting the delivery of T Levels and was awarded a four-year contract in February 2020 to continue to support providers, leaders and practitioners to deliver the new courses.

David Russell, Chief Executive of the Education and Training Foundation, said:

“The advent of the first T Levels this month is a major milestone heralding the Government’s intention to invest in the prestige and quality of technical education. With a White Paper due this autumn, the next few months will be a significant and welcome step change for the sector.

“We are delighted that we have been given the responsibility and opportunity to use our experience and expertise, alongside those of our partners and sector specialists, to develop the high-quality professional development support.

“It is crucial that providers, leaders and practitioners are equipped with the tools and confidence to deliver the courses on the very first day learners walk into a classroom or workshop.”

There are six core elements of the ETF’s TLPD offer:

  1. Training Needs Analysis
  2. Understanding T Levels
  3. Networks (including TRIPs)
  4. Industry Insights
  5. Professional Development for Leaders
  6. T Level Role and Route Specific Training.

The majority of the offer will become available later this autumn.

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